Little Sunshine

A new chapter written in verse goldenIn the deepest depth of soulwith the brightest of the lively hue.Aroma like fresh dew on a morning flowerIn the midst of this vastness…Of sorrow, of fear and of deathA sight of her and her smileThose graceful curlsThose pristine eyesAnd her virgin heart.That flawed skinHer bodily warmthAnd eternal love.Sunshine…We […]

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Bunny teeth

A million stars grace the night, But the glaze in your eyes is my favourite . A million flowers blooms with colours bright, But the smile on your face is my favourite. A starry sky, a flowery garden, All seems a lie… Without that glaze and without that smile.

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For the rain that brings be of blessing for one and sorrow for the other,Is there even a breeze that could chill your heart to cold,Or a sea in which you drown only born to be bold

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Observation’s trick

Alone, as they say, we have the intelligence of an average piece of pebble next to our boot. People around us influence, directly or indirectly, the kind of behaviour we project or the decisions we end up taking- knowingly or otherwise. There have been so many instances in our life where we observe or even […]

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